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Everybody Out is the official news bulletin of APTIA. Sent directly to APTIA Members each month, the bulletin reports on current and breaking Industrial Relations news, stakeholder news, recent industry decisions as well as important industry dates.  Below is the most recent version of the Everybody Out. Archive copies of Everybody Out are available to APTIA Members (please visit our Membership Area for more information on how to become a Member or to login to the Membership Area).

June 2021 Everybody Out

In this June edition.

  1. Annual Wage review
  2. Sex Discrimination and Fair Work Amendment Bill 2021
  3. Review of PVTA
  4. Vaccination News
  5. Gaol for industrial manslaughter
  6. Psychosocial hazards


May 2021 Everybody Out

In this May edition.

  1. wage rates and where they headed which will help you with negotiations for pay rises
  2. answers to some of the tricky vaccination questions, such as: Ccan I insist in my workforce being vaccinated?"
  3. issues which Labor has been advocating in the lead up to the next Federal election


April 2021 Everybody Out

In this April edition.

  1. QBIC Annual Conference
  2. Tourist Coach Long Distance Advisory Group
  3. Fair Work Amendment (Supporting Australia’s Jobs and Economic Recovery) Act 2021
  4. Government Response to Respect@Work
  5. Appointments to the Fair Work Commission
  6. New Paid Parental Leave Rules


March 2021 Everybody Out

In this March edition.

  1. APTIA breakfast in Brisbane
  2. APTIA Lobbying in Canberra
  3. Fair Work Amendment (Supporting Australia’s Jobs and Economic Recovery) Act 2021
  4. Constitutional Challenge to IR Omnibus Act
  5. Vaccination roll-out


There are 2 important supporting documents relating to amendments to the Fair Work Act:


This edition of Everybody Out also includes important decisions relating to:

  1. Lack of procedural fairness undermines strong case
  2. Medical evidence admissible if central to case
  3. FWC calls time on paid pandemic leave


February 2021 Everybody Out

In this February edition.

  1. An outline of the resolution from the most recent IWG meeting
  2. Progress of the current IR Omnibus Bill and Rossato's case
  3. Important dates for the APTIA breakfasts.


November 2020 Everybody Out

In this November edition.

  1. Overtime for Casuals - the Fair Work Ombudsman has finally recognised that the casual loading is not payable on overtime.
  2. Proposals for paid domestic violence and the case for cancelling the proposed superannuation guarantee increases are considered.
  3. In the 'Decisions' section the case which looks at the reasonableness of requiring your employee to get vaccinated.


October 2020 Everybody Out

In this October edition.

  1. APTIA's National IR (Mini) Seminar
  2. the final outcome for our industry on the issue of what to pay casuals for overtime and whether the casual loading is payable
  3. In the 'Decisions' section the case which looks at the reasonableness of requiring your employee to get vaccinated.


September 2020 Everybody Out

In this September edition.

  1. APTIA's National Industrial Relations Seminar on Wednesday 3 November - "Working Our Way Through the Pandemic".
  2. The latest IR policies of the ALP are set out along with the Attorney General's recent presentation in WA about the Future of Australian Workplaces.
  3. A breakdown of the budget and its impact upon industrial relations, including a look at projections in the budget for a 1.5% growth in the wage price index during 2020/ 2021.
  4. An intriguing case in the Important Decisions' section, CFMMEU v. McNab Constructions, to remind us to make sure a proper explanation of the terms of a negotiated enterprise agreement is provided to each employee.


August 2020 Everybody Out

In this August edition.

  1. The various pieces of legislation that have gone through the Parliament this month, including the Corona Virus Response Package, which extended Job Keeper, the Fair Work Amendment (Covid 19) Bill, which is an attempt by the Greens for 14 days paid pandemic leave and the Paid Parental Leave (Flexible Measures) Bill, which will allow parents to take up to 30 days flexible leave until their child is 2 years of age.
  2. The overturning by the High Court of the decision in Mondelez which returns personal leave to its previous calculations by the day (7.6 hours) rather than 10 days of ordinary hours.
  3. An update on the IR reform Roundtable meetings and APTIA's appearance to advocate casual employment in the bus and coach industry.
  4. Other significant issues for the industry including how to deal with the decision in Rossato's case and now the proposal by the FWC to include greater flexibility into modern awards.
  5. An update on Nikki Brouwers and how she is continuing to provide our members with her much needed expertise.


July 2020 Everybody Out

In this July edition.

  1. Details of my upcoming presentation to the Attorney General's Roundtable Working Group - Casual and Fixed Term Employment.
  2. An update of the activites of BIC's Industrial Working Group and its response to the legal advice following the decision in Workpac Pty Ltd and Rossato.
  3. An update of the new eligibility rules for Job Keeper post September, and
  4. Details of a successful APTIA defence to an unfair dismissal claim against one of its members.


June 2020 edition

APTIA_Everybody_Out_June_2020 APTIA_Everybody_Out_June_2020 (594 KB)

In this June edition of Everybody Out:

  1. The dates and times for the presentation of the Passenger Vehicle Transportation Award.
  2. The Fair Work Commission has now set the rates of pay for 2020/ 2021. Details of the minimum wage determination are provided along with the rates of pay for your employees and the staggered introduction timelines.
  3. An assessment of the first conviction for industrial manslaughter leading to a deferred gaol sentence and those protections that employer must take to prevent the prospect of a similar outcome in the event of a workplace accident.
  4. Details of a decision of the Fair Work Commission which makes it clear that the pandemic is no basis to avoid enterprise bargaining.


May 2020 edition

APTIA_Everybody_Out_May_2020 APTIA_Everybody_Out_May_2020 (635 KB)

This months May edition includes:

  1. A comprehensive summary of Rossato's case along with responses from the Attorney General.
  2. Details of a 'Save the Date" seminar set for Friday 12 June, which, along with pending legal advices will allow for an industry response to the decision. 
  3. A summary of the outcomes from the last IWG meeting on 13 May 2020, at which members acknowledged, through a well responded to, survey, a range of safety measures in response to the pandemic. 


April 2020 Special edition

APTIA Everybody Out April Special Edition APTIA Everybody Out April Special Edition (595 KB)

In this special April edition of Everybody Out:

  1. Details of APTIA's various meetings with the Attorney General, Chairman of the National Covid-19 Coordination Commission and with the Transport Workers Union.
  2. A couple of cases including the Greyhound Australia decision in which Greyhound was successful in arguing that a genuine redundancy trumps (excuse the pun) an unfair dismissal claim.
  3. Regular industry Q&A's about the impact of the corona virus on your work force.


April 2020 edition

Everybody Out - April 2020 Everybody Out - April 2020 (541 KB)

The March Quarter has the following articles, amongst others, for your reading:

  1. We have provided a Q & A from questions that many in the industry have asked about your businesses during the Covid - 19 experience. You will find most of the answers also apply to your businesses. Keep them coming and we will keep providing answers. 
  2. Understanding the Job Keeper payments is important, which, whilst it will be very relevant to the deregulated market, our route and school contracted members may not qualify due to the requirement for a 30% reduction in income. This does not mean that the issues tossed up by the amendments to the Fair Work Act and the variations to the Award will not be relevant to those operators. The challenge for APTIA is how to make them legal. 
  3. One of the important decisions included in this EO edition is the victory for the RTBU over the membership of private bus drivers in the privatised regions in NSW. There is also an alarming decision which allowed reinstatement for a driver found to be on his mobile phone.

September 2019 edition

APTIA Everybody Out - September 2019 APTIA Everybody Out - September 2019 (558 KB)


July 2019 edition

APTIA Everybody Out - July 2019 APTIA Everybody Out - July 2019 (948 KB)

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